UK’s largest ever consumer broadband study reveals best and worst providers according to their customers
Tuesday, Oct 31, 2017
  • interviewed 16,753 UK broadband customers across a two-week period, making it by magnitudes the largest study of its kind ever undertaken
  • Providers were rated by their own customers on how closely they met their expectations in five categories: Reliability, value for money, customer service, speed, and the process of switching to/joining
  • Virgin Media and Plusnet top out all categories, with Plusnet pipping Virgin Media to the best combined score by the narrowest possible sliver. Sky also put in an excellent showing, coming in second in three out of five categories
  • (Revision) Individual providers for which less than 400 customers were interviewed have been removed from the results as a result of normal error margins producing adverse effects within such a huge sample
  • The full chart of results can be accessed here,, via Google Docs. We have also built an interactive map which shows differences in customer satisfactions levels regionally. has published results of the largest broadband customer satisfaction survey ever undertaken.

16,753 broadband customers were asked to rate their providers in the following individual categories: Reliability, value for money, customer service, speed and the process of switching to/joining.

Plusnet came out on top for value of money, customer service and the switching to/joining process. Virgin Media, meanwhile, took first place in both reliability, and speed.

Sky, coming in third overall, also performed well, coming in second in reliability, customer service and switching to/joining.

TalkTalk came in last place out of the 'big six" providers, with BT second-last.

Individual category tables can be found here, via Google Docs.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at, said:

"Coupled with the unprecedented sample size, by focusing on how each aspect of the service customers receive measures up against their expectations, we have effectively levelled the playing field. For example, a 200Mbps customer who gets 100Mbps is likely to score similarly to a 17Mbps customer who gets 8Mbps.

"The aim will be to reproduce these results at the same time each year, so it will be interesting to see whether providers who did not perform as well can make up some ground on this year's customer experience leaders."

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